Hero Comprehensive Services

Acquisition Assistance Services

Highly knowledgeable and experienced in coordinating the purchase of real property assets, our firm works with our clients and their advisors to determine their acquisition need(s). Once the need is quantified, M&A work withs its extensive network of brokers, owners and service providers to identify prospective acquisition targets, analyze the targets’ suitability, and present the choices. After selecting the desired target(s), M&A will coordinate all acquisition functions including but not limited to providing the LOI; engaging buyer’s council; soliciting loan quotes; coordinating purchase escrow; selecting appropriate local property manager; coordinating all necessary due diligence and consummating the purchase.

Disposition Assistance Services

Understanding why, what, and when our clients want to sell is what we do best. Working hand-in-hand with our Family Offices we are continuously measuring and evaluating the contribution of each asset in meeting the family’s short-term and long-term goals. Once the decision to sell is arrived at, M&A will coordinate and mobilize its various resources and relationships to determine the best pricing and select the most capable brokerage to market the property. M&A will be fully integrated into the marketing and buyer selection process ensuring that the best pricing can be achieved, and a credible buyer is selected. Once the buyer is selected M&A will coordinate all phases of the acquisition process including but not limited to contract negotiation, escrow and title selection, and due diligence coordination.

1031 Reposition Assistance Services

Repositioning is one of our most valued services. When our clients realize that their existing properties no longer provide the investment objectives due to financial metrics such as return on equity; or due to geographical preference, i.e. location; or physical age due to growing cost to repair and maintain, then M&A can be engaged to reposition using tax advantages IRC Section 1031 Exchange rules. M&A has for decades been assisting its clients in coordinating exchange transactions both in the traditional forward exchange format and when appropriate in the reverse exchange format.

Investing In New Developments

In many markets, the housing that makes the best rentals is undersupplied. Modern amenities and floor plan features attract a larger tenant pool to choose from. New construction translates to fewer maintenance costs, lower insurance costs and lower property tax costs. That’s why new construction makes sense. New construction offers better appreciation. Over the years M&A has established relationships with a number of developers and has facilitated the investment in new construction projects for friends, family, and clients for proven above average returns.

Investing In Re-Development Opportunities

Residential redevelopment can deliver above average returns for real estate investors but takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and labor to achieve success. Success is also dependent on thorough and timely due diligence and market knowledge. M&A has established strategic relationships with brokers to identify redevelopment opportunities and with management companies, suppliers, contractors, and vendors to evaluate opportunities and then deliver the material and services to accomplish the business plan objectives.

Local Property Management Services

We began our local property management services over 40 years ago. Today we manage our own local assets as well as a number of assets for our local family office clients. We provide leasing, collections, maintenance, accounting, and renovation services for single family, multifamily and small commercial properties.

Asset Management Services

Maximizing a property’s revenue potential and identifying ways to create and grow long-term value is what M&A has been doing for our family office clients for years. Relieving ownership of day-to-day property oversight tasks and selecting, overseeing, and managing 3rd party fee managers for remote sites is part of what we offer.

Financing Assistance Services

Working with our extensive network of mortgage brokers, institutional and private lender relationships, M&A over the years, has been able to facilitate the short-term and long-term financing of property acquisitions. Our ability to identify and compare financing options and then coordinate the loan underwriting and funding is what we are very good at doing. We have experience in arranging financing through private investors, local and regional banks, insurance companies, government sponsored agencies, and Wall Street funds.

Re-financing Assistance Services

M&A regularly reviews and analyzes property and market conditions to determine when, and if, it’s appropriate to re- finance existing property holdings to enhance cashflow due to better rates or to generate tax deferred cash for liquidity or additional investment purposes.

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